Don’t forget to hydrate!

Are you drinking enough water? Not getting enough water can make you feel grumpy and tired! Throughout our busy days, it can be so hard to remember to drink enough water. Making sure to have some water is an easy way to stay fresh and ready to take on the day. So consider this your reminder for the day and go take a drink!

Remember to Breathe

Sometimes during busy days, we forget to breathe. Check in with your body now and take some big deep breathes. If you are able, close your eyes and scan your body to find areas where you are holding tension. See if you can deep breath away some of the tension and tightness. Doing this a few times a day can help you feel calmer.

Midterms got you hella stressin’? Check out my tips!

With us being halfway through the quarter, a lot of stressors come into mind. A constant flow of homework, busy extracurriculars, and the swing of midterms! Midterms can be particularly awful to think about. There is so. much. pressure. And this pressure escalates while you’re studying! However, you can fret less with these tips.

  1. Give your eyes some much needed TLC after reading off of electronic devices. Your eyes are so so important. Try to take a break from looking at your phone or laptop when you start to feel some eye fatigue. These symptoms can include dry eyes, headaches, and dizziness.
  2. Swap that caffeine with kombucha! Personally, I think kombucha doesn’t make you crash like caffeine. And you feel oh so healthy after drinking it! You can find a variety of yummy brands at grocery stores, such as GT’s Kombucha.
  3. Eat some brain food! These food items are tasty yet nutritious and will give your body and brain some power for all that studying you’ll be doing: almonds, apples, avocados, bananas, blueberries, broccoli carrots, dark chocolate, eggs, greek yogurt, hummus, oatmeal, peanut butter, roasted chick peas, string cheese, trail mix, and whole wheat crackers or pretzels.
  4. Wear some noise-cancelling earbuds/headphones. There is so much stimuli wherever you are, e.g., a library, coffeeshop, or even within your own home. And many people have Apple EarPods, which are notoriously known for poorly reducing extraneous sounds. Instead, block out the sounds of your neighbor typing furiously on their keyboard or the footsteps of a heavy crowd by putting on noise-cancelling earbuds/headphones! You’ll get so much more work done.
  5. Find your go-to study space! Where you are studying can drastically affect your performance. Don’t like loud noises at the coffee shop? Go to a quiet study room! Know where you study best!